Studio X Flo at The Peekskill Coffee House!

Peekskill Coffee House
Thank you so much for your support and interest in a local artist! As you can tell, I love painting colorful abstract landscapes. My mission is to create vibrant, affordable original art that adds a little spark of delight to your space. 
My paintings will be on display at The Peekskill Coffee House through the month of April.
Interested in purchasing? You can scan the QR code located on the painting label and you will be redirected to my Paypal - Florence D'Angelo Art. Please leave the painting name in the note section and I will mark the painting sold. Artwork can be picked up on Friday, April 30th at your designated time (TBD) when the show is taken down. If you cannot make it to the pickup day, please let me know and we can arrange another time or shipping options. 
Questions? Email me at
DM me on Instagram: @studioxflo