Florence D’Angelo was born in the Philippines in 1982. She is a self-taught visual artist living and working in Peekskill, New York. Although artistic most of her life she began publicly showing work in 2019 throughout her local communities and sharing on social media. D'Angelo is a member of the Pelham Artist Club and featured in the artist directories of Visionary Art Collective and All She Makes. Her paintings belong to private collections throughout the United States and Canada. 

D'Angelo's current work focuses on colorful, abstract landscapes inspired by the merging of nature and architecture, the division between the wild and the man-made. Using acrylic paint, collage and mixed media she paints color saturated vistas that focus on simple forms and shapes. The resulting landscapes are a mix of curved silhouettes, geometric outlines and vivid blocks of color. 

 Although the work is abstract, she follows rules for good composition in focal points, the rule of thirds and trending color combinations. At the same time, she rebels against the rules of nature - neon pink mountain ranges, the position of trees, the location of the moon, etc. Man-made structures may oppose nature, but even wild nature has its own rules and symmetry. The work aims to explore the intersection between the calculated and the untamed.

Abstract Landscape Painter Florence D'Angelo of StudioXFlo

"My process always begins with finding the right color combination. Composition is usually not planned or based on reference. But even if it was, it rarely ever turns out as planned. I may paint a mountain range then leave it for a few days because I don't like how it looks...then decide to cover it with mark making patterns and random shapes a few days later. Much like nature takes over an abandoned structure."