Bio & Artist Statement

Florence D’Angelo was born in the Philippines in 1982. She is a self-taught visual artist living and working in Peekskill, New York. Although artistic most of her life she has only recently began publicly showing work in 2019 throughout her local community, lower Westchester and Brooklyn, New York. Her current work focuses on colorful, abstract landscapes on canvas, wood panel or paper.

Using acrylic paint, she paints in the abstract to convey the journey to faraway places, whether external or internal, that are so close yet so far away. Turning moods into landscapes, her work responds to the hero’s journey of self-identity, belonging and starting over; traveling to the unknown in search of what makes us complete. The view of the destination is magical and familiar but not particularly recognizable, seemingly within reach. Dashes and lines are present as if to guide the viewer as one would consult a map. A restricted color palette conveys a sense of control while fluid strokes suggest movement and being open to possibilities. The cheerful albeit unnatural landscape colors challenge the myth of having arrived, of being whole and complete once reaching the journey’s end.


Congratulations if you’ve made it this far! Here is the simplified version of my artist statement:

I love painting weird, colorful landscapes for color loving people who need to escape reality for a bit.