Artist Statement

Turning moods into landscapes, I paint abstractly to convey the journey to faraway places that are so close yet so far away. My work responds to the hero’s journey of self-identity, belonging and starting over. Of traveling to the unknown in search of what makes us complete. The landscapes are always at a distance but within reach. They are magical and familiar but not particularly recognizable. A restricted color palette conveys a sense of control, while fluid strokes, dashes, and lines suggest guidance, movement and being open to possibilities. The myth of having arrived, being whole and complete will finally be realized. 


Florence D’Angelo was born in Daraga Albay, Philippines in 1982. She is an artist and recovering retail manager residing in Peekskill, NY. Although artistic throughout most of her life she has finally emerged from her art closet in 2019 and had her work displayed in Peekskill, Mamaroneck and Brooklyn, NY.